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Cannabis Seed Bank and Clone Provider

We’re an online seed bank, who sells cannabis seeds (aka marijuana seeds or weed seeds), clones, and growing equipment to the South African market. Providing a service for South African’s to buy cannabis seeds and other growing necessity. From feminized to autoflowers, from high THC to high CBD strains, we have it all. Sourcing world-class genetics is our specialty. From bringing international genetics to South Africa or introducing South African cannabis seeds to the rest of the world. Getting more people into growing and appreciating cannabis is our passion and goal.

Starting in 2018, after the decriminalization of cannabis in South Africa, we decided to follow our dreams and enter into the cannabis industry. However, after trying to start growing ourselves, we lived through the frustration and stressful experience of importing cannabis seeds into South Africa. So we decided to do something about it. What started as a way for us to support our hobby, has grown into a family business that hopes to help others reach the same level of success and freedom, through our retailers program.

Our Motto: Germinate Cultivate Medicate

We believe in an independent circular cannabis supply chain, that empowers the users and growers. We have expanded into supporting local breeders and vendors by providing a platform for them to reach other markets. Thus, our hope is that as the cannabis industry grows, there will be a solid network that provides employment and economic growth for all South Africans. For this reason, we have also branched out into other parts of the cannabis industry such as growing equipment, cannabis storage, and smoking accessories. Though cannabis seeds, dagga seeds, weed seeds, hemp seeds, or whatever you want to call it, still remains our passion and focus, since it is the root of our company.

It all starts with genetics. Therefore, no matter how good your lights are, or your nutrients, bad genetics will produce bad results. Hence, we decided to source the best, so that other South Africans didn’t have to worry about it. As it stands now, South Africa is becoming one of the world’s hotspots for cannabis. So let’s keep it going and continue growing.

Bud Buddies supports responsible and legal use, we do not condone any illegal activities. We trust that you as the customer will adhere to the laws of your country.

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