Alternatives to Biltong and Budz

Alternative to Biltong and Buds

Biltong and Buds and the Seed Bank Market

As one of the most well known and oldest seed banks, Biltong and Buds have always been the standard for others to reach and beat. With their long running website and active online community (Facebook Group with 16k followers) to their walk-in store in Stellenbosch, BnB have provided a good platform for growers to buy their cannabis seeds. With few challengers coming and going such as Cannabist, Trophy Seeds, Green Smoke Room and Natural Highs. However, a title contender for South Africa’s top seed bank has finally arrived, i.e. Bud Buddies.

Bud Buddies as the Challengers for becoming Top Seed Bank

South Africa Cannabis Seeds online

Bud Buddies was established in 2018 after the decriminalization of cannabis in South Africa. As one of the few competitors who have been able to carve out a piece of Biltong and Budz market share, Bud Buddies has always remained a dark horse for claiming the top spot in the cannabis market. Unlike, Biltong and Buds, Bud Buddies doesn’t possess a physical store, which forced them to optimize their online services. Leading them to having a reputation which prioritizes customer care and needs. With this reputation spreading, the notoriety of the budding seed bank has been growing steadily over the years. In an online business trust is important, especially when dealing with cannabis products. Through their customer care, Bud Buddies has earned this trust and have started to reap the benefits of it.

Top 3 reasons why Bud Buddies is succeeding

  1. Bud Buddies prioritized building their network. Enabling them to source more quality breeders from more renowned breeders By buying higher up the chain, they’re able to provide the cannabis seeds at a more competitive price. Meaning the customers don’t have to over spend on their cannabis genetics.
  2. Next is variety. One of the sole reasons for other seed banks such as Trophy Seeds, Cannabist or Natural Highs to fail to compete, is not being able to match Biltong and Budz variety. As industry leaders, it’s no surprise that they possess a vast network of suppliers enabling them to have one of the widest range of available breeders. However, Bud Buddies is one of the few, if not the only one who can match them. Another benefit of building their networks was gaining access to a large variety of well respected breeders. Enabling their customers to browse for their dream strains to their hearts content.
  3. Lastly is customer care and experience. Although Biltong and Buds have gathered a large and loyal following. One of the issues commonly experienced when scaling up is customer care. The larger the business, the more difficult it becomes to personally address each customer equally. This is the defining difference. Bud Buddies has always focused on the customer’s experience to build up their trust and loyalty. This approach is what has allowed them to finally challenge the giants Biltong and Budz.

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