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550ml Vacuum Container by Qnubu California


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Brand Qnubu Press
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Height 14cm
Width 8cm

This medium vacuum container from Qnubu California offers safe, airtight, long-term storage for dried herbs and flowers or fragrant culinary ingredients.

The Qnubu vacuum jars are made from rigid black plastic which protects the contents from UV light damage, as well as shielding your stash from prying eyes. The lid forms a tight vacuum seal which prevents air from getting inside and smells from getting outside. To open the container, simply press the internal release valve button on the lid to easily slide off the top. Each jar is finished with the elegant Qnubu California crest in metallic gold.

This 550ml vacuum jar stands 14cm high and 8cm wide.


  • 550ml
  • Weight 121g
  • Height 14cm
  • Diameter 18cm
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