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Blue Cheese Auto

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Blue Cheese Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a real treat for the taste buds; a strain noted for her delicious taste as well as for being incredibly fast and easy to grow, perfect for novice growers thanks to the many advantages specific to autoflowering genetics she showcases.This Indica-dominant hybrid, created by the breeders of Dinafem Seeds crossing a Cheese Autoflowering and an Auto Blueberry, was born to break down, with her incredible aromas, all prejudices about autoflowering strains.

Blue Cheese Autoflowering turns into small/mid-sized marijuana plants that grow vigorous to heights of 1.5 m on some occasions. As well as highly stable, thanks to her Skunk heritage, this Indica-dominant hybrid grows strong giving way to incredibly homogeneous crops. A safe bet!

Blue Cheese Autoflowering offers the same advantages as her feminized predecessor but this one is much faster. A marvelous auto version of Blue Cheese that produces generous crops of compact, resinous buds with incredible quality.

The taste of Blue Cheese Autoflowering is her most distinctive trait, as is to be expected from an autoflowering version with all the aromatic richness of her parents: intense and fruity flavors and scents with hints of berries and Cheese.

Her effect is relaxing and excellent in terms of potency and duration. She’s the perfect strain to unwind after a hard day at work when you get home and all you want to do is fill the tub and enjoy every bit of her delicious taste as warm water and the effect of Blue Cheese Autoflowering take away all the stress.

Blue Cheese Autoflowering is the perfect strain for those cannabis growers who are taking their first steps but want to make sure they get a top-quality taste. And this is possible because this easy-to-grow plant doesn’t require much attention to deliver, in just 75 days, generous crops of tasty and smelly buds.

Given her mid-sized structure, she’s a great option for indoors as long as the growing space is equipped with powerful anti-odor filters because she’s indeed very smelly. Outdoors, she thrives in temperate, Mediterranean climates or under the protection of the greenhouse. However, if we want to grow this stinky plant on city balconies or terraces, we have to make sure there aren’t any neighbors nearby because her fragrance is anything but discreet.

So as to make the most out of her, we recommend using 10-20 L pots and adding 30 % of coco coir to the substrate to improve aeration and to accelerate, in turn, the plant’s metabolic processes. Don’t forget that autoflowering strains have a very short life cycle and thus leave very little margin for error. That’s why we have to try to create the perfect environment from the very beginning.

Blue Cheese Autoflowering is not particularly greedy so a moderate diet will do, but make sure you irrigate frequently and sparsely.


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