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Bubblegum Auto

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Genetic background
Bubblegum X Ruderalis Mix

Height inside growing
70 – 110 cm

Height outside growing
90 – 120 cm

Sativa – Indica
Ruderalis mix

10 – 12 weeks after germination

Harvest inside

Harvest outside



Bubblegum auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds are the basis of a plant that will develop into very pleasant and resinous cannabis known for its subtle flavor and sweet scent that evokes the association of chewing gums. It’s an auto-flowering plant that grows well in warm and sunny climates, but it’s also suitable for indoor growing.


The Bubblegum AUTO cannabis seeds were originally developed around 1970 and perfected in the northeast of America, and since the ’90s in the Netherlands. It’s only then that the plant has gained increasing popularity. Genetically, the plants are descendants of the Indica along with a small portion of Ruderalis. In contrast to traditional Bubblegum cannabis, the plant blooms automatically, whereas the Bubblegum female seeds are guaranteed for successful use.

Harvesting features

Order your Bubblegum AUTO cannabis seeds now and receive high quality packaged seeds with a very high germinative force so that the yielding can start immediately. It is a very stable and easy grower where little experience is required. Its modest length between 70 and 90 centimeters is an advantage. Despite its modest size, the harvests are generous. The buds are thick and give a subtle bubblegum scent. The whole process may take between 70 to 80 days, whereas the crop outdoors can take place between May and August. However, there are multiple harvests possible. Especially in a sunny climate, three harvests are definitely achievable.

Effects and taste perceptions

Besides the attractive smell, the taste of the Bubblegum AUTO is very attractive as well. The remarkable features of this plant are subtle bubblegum flavors with strawberries and red fruits mixed with lots of sugar. This cannabis variation is very recognizable. The THC content can reach levels of up to 20% and during use result in a very relaxed and physically calming effect, it may also be suitable for medicinal purposes as well. It delivers a nice mix between getting stoned and a certain level of highness which is highly appreciated by many users


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