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CBDream Female High CBD Weed Seeds by Paradise Seeds

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Brand Paradise Seeds
Pack Size 5 & 10 Seeds
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor Flowering Time 8- 9 Weeks
DNA 100% Indica
Indoor/ Outdoor Yield 400 Gr / 300 Gr
Seed Type Feminized

CBDream weed seeds from Paradise Seeds is one of the latest new strains from their growing range of CBD dominant cultivars. CBDream is a unique strain capable of assisting your meditative states; this lemony and earth dominant terpene profile is sure to assist these genetics in bringing you the right vibes to uplift your day.

CBDream is the best lullaby you’ve ever felt thanks to these pure Indica CBD genetics. CBDream is a high CBD cannabis strain that helps to support the most incredible meditative feeling thanks to the lowest THC content of all of Paradise Seeds different strain varieties. Consequently, it is sure to be the new strain of choice for recreational users of all types, for those looking for relaxation with none of the psychoactivity that goes alongside THC.

When grown indoors by legal growers, this strain is a consistently good performer; with sufficient management, there is a high yield potential. As with all of the genetics in the Paradise Seeds high CBD collection, CBDream has been engineered to maximise the availability of the cannabinoid CBD whilst also increasing the smell and flavours.

CBDream is a high CBD producing strain, that provides a stunning array of lemon and earthy tones that rewards your palate with a complex and deep flavour profile that is a true delight for the senses. Paradise Seeds stipulate that the Zen feeling of blissfulness nurtured by the high CBD content may help with those who have anxiety issues. This strain is sure to be beneficial for mindful pursuits of yoga or meditation, or general wellness.


CBDream has been tested to contain 15% CBD and just 0.4% THC!


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