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CBDrelax Female High CBD Weed Seeds by Paradise Seeds

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Brand Paradise Seeds
Pack Size 5 & 10 Seeds
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor Flowering Time 8- 9 Weeks
DNA 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Indoor / Outdoor Yield 450 Gr / 300 Gr
Seed Type Feminized

CBDrelax from Paradise Seeds is one of the new additions to Paradise Seeds‘ incredible new CBD range; Paradise Seeds report that this is an excellent strain for helping with feelings of general well-being. CBDrelax¬†gets its name for its balanced effects, this high CBD strain is an even hybrid of Sativa and Indica which delivers the optimum relaxing experience, with one of the lowest THC totals of any Paradise Seed in their genetic library (0.4% THC and 15% CBD). This combination allows consumers to keep their minds clear and at ease whilst experiencing true relaxation throughout the body.

The Paradise Seeds family has identified CBDrelax as popular with medicinal users thanks to its soothing & relieving effects. CBDrelax is also very popular with recreational users that seek to feel a powerful sense of calm. The results are incredibly Zen-like, making this a key strain for meditation, yoga and other arts where mindfulness is critical.

CBDrelax is another strain from the game-changing new generation of high CBD¬†cannabis strains that Paradise Seeds have developed. These genetics have been developed using choice strains from Paradise’s genetic library to empower the market with high CBD strains that pack a potent flavour. This cultivar has a beautiful mixture of sweet and sour terps, making for an incredibly moreish profile that you won’t want to stop hitting.

CBDrelax packs a whopping 15% CBD and just 0.4% THC!


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