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Cherry Moon Pie

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Genetics 95% Indica/5% Sativa
Parents Cherry Pie x Bubba Kush
Flowering Time 56-63 Days
THC Medium
CBD Medium
Yield (Indoor) Medium
Yield (Outdoor) Medium
Height (Indoor) Medium
Height (Outdoor) Medium


The Original Cherry Pie is considered one of the most elusive strains. Rumored to be the secret ingredient in the famous Girl Scout Cookies, the strain is almost impossible to get and because of that highly sought after by many cannabis connoisseurs. Big Buddha Seeds, by some considered as one of today’s most respected breeders, took a genuine Cherry Pie and crossed her with another legend, the popular Bubba Kush. His new creation Cherry Moon Pie turned out nothing less but spectacular, combining the best of these two fabulous strains into an outstanding indica hybrid with incredible qualities.

Growing Cherry Moon Pie isn’t difficult at all. Thanks to her world-class genetics she doesn’t require much maintenance and can also score with some good growing vigor. You can grow this strain pretty much everywhere, which means she’ll do well whether you plant your seeds indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Her flowering time is reasonably short 7-9 weeks where she will quickly develop massively sized buds that will be covered with a thick crust of shiny resin crystals. (Looking for a good strain for dabbing, anyone?) Now, make no mistake because she won’t just grow a few of these juicy fatsos but there will be tons of them! You definitely want to add some support early to help the girl with carrying her massive load.

Cherry Moon Pie got her resinous crystals from her Bubba Kush parent but now let’s look at what’s really making her special and this is her incredibly Cherry Pie flavor and aroma. When she grows, your nose can give you a hint of what to expect because of the intensive scent which is unmistakably that of the Cherry Pie. She’ll tease with an incredibly fruity and delicious fragrance of cherries that has just a slight hint of Skunk funkiness. If that’s not already mouth-watering, well just wait until you can smoke her!

Her flavor is already out of this world but this is not all that makes Cherry Moon Pie possibly one of the best strains released this year. It gets even better when it comes to her effect.

Cherry Moon Pie maybe a 95% indica but don’t expect a typical indica stone when you can finally enjoy this Lady. Not that she won’t be awesomely relaxing, because she sure is. What makes her stand out is that she gives a very uplifting and happy high with a playful twist. This makes her a superb social smoke that you best want to enjoy with some friends. Now add the mouth-watering taste and you’ll never ever want to put this Lady down again!

Big Buddha Seeds really did Cherry Pie right with their sensational Cherry Moon Pie. Her top-notch flavor and her excellent high make her a must-have strain that cannabis enthusiasts will fall in love with!


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