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Cherrytini – Clone


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Cherrytini, Cherry Noir x Jet A (Male)

The story of these wonderful variety begins somewhere in San Francisco, where the Perfect Tree collective met with Frenchy Cannoli in a secret basement where they shared knowledge and enjoyed its wonderful and legendary hashish. Late in the night, Leo and Professor Q from Aficionado Seeds came down from the mountains to join the meeting and gifted Perfect Tree’s team with some of the craziest genetics you could ever dream of. One of those strains was Cherry Noir. Based on Cherry Noir, Perfect Tree’s team selected the sexiest and fruitiest specimen and then crossed it with their well-known Jet A male.

Cherrytini, cannabis with terpenes and flavours of cherries dipped in liquor

Cherrytini is a genetics with great vigour and beautiful colouring. Its strong aroma is wonderful and penetrating, sweet and fruity terpenes combined in harmony with strong cherry terpenes spiced by the petrol aromas provided by Jet A male.

After curing the flowers, the strong cherry aromas transform into sweet liquor fragrances, pure cherries dipped in liquor. You can find four different Cherrytini phenotypes; choose the one you like the most.

Perfect Tree Cherrytini info:

  • Genetics: Cherry Noir x Jet A (Male)
  • Indoor flowering: 60-67 days
  • Outdoor harvest: October
  • Yield: Large
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