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Dinachem is a direct descendant of the legendary strain ChemDawg 91, created in 1991 in the USA by the world-renowned breeder ChemDog. The birth of this feminized cannabis seed has been possible thanks to a close collaboration with this American breeder who gave us the chance to work with some selected strains of his. When this project came along, at Dinafem Seeds we wanted to create a strain that would be true to the original ChemDawg 91.ChemDog made things very easy and all we did was cross a Guava Chem with an elite clone of the original ChemDawg 91 to obtain a 65% Sativa/35% Indica hybrid that oozes exoticism from every pore. This ground-breaking strain, with an extraordinary Diesel scent, will take you to a party of sensations to which each and every one of your senses is invited. Undoubtedly, a cannabis strain you won’t be able to do without.

  • Best Indica at the 2016 Copa Cannazores
  • 2nd prize in the ‘Indica’ category at the IC420 Growers Cup 2015

Dinachem turns into tall and slender marijuana plants with rather wide leaves. Her few branches, with ample internodal spacing, end up completely covered in rock-hard, dense buds overflowing with resin at the end of the flowering. She generally doesn’t stretch a lot but outdoors she could reach heights of 3 meters.

Dinachem is a heavy-yielding cannabis strain with which top-quality bountiful crops are easily obtained. Indoors, this American-style hybrid produces between 450 and 500 g/m2, and outdoors between 600 and 800 g/plant, which is not bad at all in view of the amazing quality of the end product.

Dinachem showcases very exotic organoleptic qualities, like all American strains. Her genetic origin becomes evident in a remarkably complex and unique array of tastes and aromas. It’s a cannabis cocktail with very intense notes of tropical fruits, citrus, fuel, and exotic wood. That’s quite a thing to say!

Dinachem is so potent that only brave users should consume her. An extraordinarily creative and euphoric ‘high’ quickly settles in your head. Then, your body starts to feel a very nice and long-lasting sensation of physical relaxation. In short, the perfect strain to enjoy both clear and soothing moments.

Dinachem will surprise the cannabis grower with an incredible exoticism and impressive overall features. On top of that, her vigorous growth and good tolerance to moisture and pests make her super easy to grow. Indoors, the flowering phase lasts about 60-70 days and, outdoors, she’ll be ready for harvest by mid-/late October. She loves dry, warm, temperate and Mediterranean climates, but also the cozy atmosphere of a greenhouse. It should be noted that the use of a good anti-odor filter wouldn’t go amiss when cultivating this kind of smelly strains.


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