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Dutch Power

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Flowering period 8 – 9 weeks
CBD Medium
Genetic background African Sativas
Height inside growing 100 -125 cm
Height outside growing 110 – 180 cm
Sativa – Indica 75% Sativa 25% Indica
Oogstmaand October
Harvest inside High
Harvest outside High
THC 16%

The Dutch power seeds are of Dutch origin but her heritage lay in South Africa. This breed has a very strong fragrance during the blossoming period and the effects are pretty intense. It does justice to its name and it’s a real power plant, with a fairly mild flavor but delivers a very powerful reaction at the same time.


The original Dutch power plant mainly consists of a mix of African Sativa with a touch of Indica. These auto-flowering cannabis seeds are a different version, mixed with the Ruderalis plant. The Ruderalis plant causes the autoflow effect which ultimately makes it a strong and easy to grow powerhouse plant.

Harvesting features

The Dutch power plant is a rapid growth plant has great adaptability abilities. It’s suitable for both indoors and outdoors and it will also do great in a greenhouse. The power Dutch is fitting for both the novice breeder but and even the most experienced breeder. Notice that this plant emits a very strong penetrating odor, so take the necessary precautions if you deem it necessary. These dutch power cannabis seeds take ten-twelve weeks to finally harvest. Heights may vary between 50 centimeters and 100 centimeters.

Effects and taste perceptions

These Dutch power seeds bloom into a hearty weed and produce a potent effect. The soft bittersweet taste and mild aroma don’t display much, but once inhaled, an intense high can be experienced. Many breeders prefer mostly Sativa-like plants like this Dutch power, due to the level of highness it produces. The experience can be described as creative, energetic, and extremely cheerful. The Dutch power also does well medicinally, as it is used for stress, pain, and anxiety


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