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EZ Test THC is a quick test to determine the presence of THC in Hash, Marijuana, and Hash oil. All you need is a sample of your smoking mixture, a catalyst, and the vial with the reagent. Sensitive, easy to use, and reliable.

The THC Drug Testing Kit is a recent addition to the EZ Test range which solely tests for THC. The colour change will correspond to the information sheet and colour chart included.

All EZ tests use a chemical reagent absorbed in silica gel, which is held inside a glass ampoule.

When a sample is added to these chemicals inside the ampoule if a reaction occurs a colour change will take place. This colour should be compared to the colour chart included on the instructions within the package, to give an indication as what could be in the sample.

Warning: EZ Tests are accurate and sensitive, but we can’t give any warranty or guarantee. If you need a 100% indisputable result, you should submit your sample to an official agency.

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