Glow Starz


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Brand Paradise Seeds
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Morphology Indica Dominant Hybrid 60/40
Genetics Hybrid
Lineage SFV OG x Gelato 33
Yield 500 g per m²
Seed Type Feminised

Glowstarz by Paradise Seeds is an outstanding cultivar that crosses SFV OG Kush with the infamous, creamy, gassy and funky Gelato 33. This heavy yielding strain is part of Paradise Seed’s California Collection and is a super flexible cultivar, with unbelievable resin production that coats plants with this incredible trail of resin.

Glowstarz reeks of pure kushy funk stemming from the SFV OG Kush genetics that kicks up deep earthy aromas with hints of fuel, metal and hash and the Cookies add a sweet & pungent edge. Glowstarz is seriously potent thanks to the resin content & sedative terps, giving effects that give off a finely tuned balance of euphoria and blissful calm.

Paradise Seeds has a long-standing reputation for creating world-class kush genetics & Glowstarz is the latest cultivar to carry this legacy from the team. Glowstarz tends to grow in an open structure with densely packed clusters of seriously dense flowers that express as towering foxtail colas, which double up as resin production factories.

Indoors, the Glowstars is a beauty that is sure to tick your boxes. She doesn’t really grow much taller than 1.5 meters, and her buds grow in more compact form than typical indicas, but their weight is so heavy and it has so many buds that she is an extremely high yielder.

Outdoors, Glowstarz is an extremely versatile variety just like the Glowstarz you probably remember playing with as a kid, they work no matter where you put them! Glowstarz will quickly adapt to a wide variety of environments and extreme locations and expressed incredible resiliency to extremes and mould.

Glowstarz can be grown outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L.. It finishes in early October outdoors (n.L.), while indoor finish time is 8-9 weeks. Estimated yield is 500g per m²indoors / 800 g per plant outdoors.



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