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At Dinafem Seeds, they had long been wanting to experiment with a winning combination of two of the most flavourful and requested strains in the USA and in the UK: Emerald OG Kush and UK Cheese. That’s how they set out to create Kush’N’Cheese, a feminized cannabis seed that brings together all the traits of two super popular taste queens, widely loved in their countries. Thanks to this breeding work, their collection now features a succulent Sativa-dominant (60%) strain with unique flavors and aromas, an incredibly fast flowering and a heavy yield. Add this almost unbeatable amazing pedigree hybrid to your cannabis collection.

Kush’N’Cheese quickly turns into rather branchy pine-shaped marijuana plants. In fact, she’s so vigorous that her reaching heights of 3 meters outdoors is actually quite likely. Her origins become evident very fast, giving way to marvelous plants full of large, elongated buds.

Kush’N’Cheese is also noted for her notable yield. In fact, this heavy-producer can provide up to 500 g/m2 indoors and some 700-900 g/plant outdoors; all very interesting figures for such an incredible marijuana strain that everybody wants to taste.

Kush’N’Cheese is a symphony of sensations where all your senses have a part to play. The magnificence of her taste and her aroma become evident when her notes of exotic fruits, fuel, old blue cheese, and citrus invade the palate. A strong and complex flavor that stays long and makes you salivate with pleasure.

As one would expect from a Sativa strain, Kush’N’Cheese delivers a clear, euphoric and potent effect that turns you into a very talkative person. You’ll feel the ‘high’ take over your senses almost at once, as soon as you give the first drag, and stay there for a long while. Bon voyage!

Kush’N’Cheese has lots of followers, and cannabis forums go nuts when she appears. So far all marijuana growers who’ve grown her, regardless of their experience, cannot but speak highly of her. Among her many advantages, we’ve got her short flowering phase, lasting 55-60 days indoors and more or less until early October outdoors. If growing outdoors is your choice, you’d better do so in dry, temperate and sunny climates, always keeping an eye on the eventual appearance of mold in order to react quickly. The only issue is her super-intense aroma that could attract unwanted attention. That’s why using anti-odor filters, or, even better, growing in the wild, are recommended.


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