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Midnight Sunset

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Genetics Indica Dominant Hybrid
Lineage Sunset Sherbert x Jet A (Reversal)
Size Medium/ Tall

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Midnight Sunset Female Weed Seeds by Perfect Tree is a creation of 2 exceptional strains that combine flawlessly to create this flavour-packed heavily Indica dominant strain. 

We used our selection of Sunset Sherbert Bx1 from Seed Junky Genetics (who looks and smell pretty much like the original) for the mother and our Jet A reversal to pollinate her.

The result is a balanced combination of flavours; the strong fuel terps are dominant, but the creamy side of the Sunset Sherbert brings a little something that makes this strain special and enjoyable.

The colours & tones of this plant are beautiful; the majority of the plant will express deep purple alongside intense orange hits on the pistils; there are also small hits of green to be found on some of the calyxes. The Midnight Sunset shows quite a bit of stretch, so you will likely need to top her once or more according to your veg times. At around 8 weeks, she will be ready to chop and generally produces high yields in good conditions. She’s also sure to be a great strain for extraction, thanks to the high returns and the mind-blowingly loud smell that comes from it.

The clue is in the name. Midnight Sunset is a potent indica dominant strain that is certainly a nighttime smoke!!



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