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Although relatively new to the market, the Mimosa strain has become a rising star in the cannabis industry for its positively potent effects. Collectors tend to jump on the opportunity upon seeing Mimosa cannabis seeds for sale. The information about the original breeder of this strain is limited, and the seeds are usually in low supply compared to the high demand for them.

Similar to the drink it’s named after, Mimosa is said to be a great addition to your day, only better because you won’t end up going in a downward drunken spiral that ends with an argument with your mom and a raging headache. Online users report that a hit from the Mimosa strain allows for focus, fun, and overall uplifted energy. Although this strain gives the user mental energy to get things done throughout the day, it still has powerful relaxing effects on the body and easily quells aches and pains, nausea, and fatigue. The only way this strain will leave the user couch-locked is if they over-indulge. Either way, users with chronic pain tend to feel a weight lifted from their body as they can finally go about their day with some relief.


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