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Northern Light

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When we talk about the most famous and popular cannabis plants in the world, we definitely can’t leave out the Northern Light. Northern Light is used for many crossings and provides the basics for many different cannabis plants, one of them being the current Nederwiet.

Origin of the Northern light seeds

Northern Light was once a mix of 11 varieties from the West coast of America. The composition of Northern Light is nicely balanced with its 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. Northern Light is a very strong type of cannabis that has won several prizes. It has won first prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup over three times now.


Growing Northern Light is a remarkable experience, mainly for the first-time grower. Originally the Northern Light was designed for growing indoors, but like all our plants it can also be grown outdoors. When it’s being grown indoors it’ll reach about a meter in height. When grown outside the Northern Light will get a lot bigger. With plenty of heat, light, space, and nutrition it can get up to 2 meters tall. The Northern Light’s blooming period is about 7 to 8 weeks. You can experiment a little by harvesting it a bit earlier or a bit later. By harvesting earlier you’ll get a more intense flavor and by harvesting later it’ll give you a more powerful effect, so it all depends on what you prefer.

Character and flavor

Northern Light has a striking, sweet scent and a gentle, sweet herbal flavor. Northern Light causes a powerful effect with a strong high, energy and alertness. Northern Light also has a positive influence on your mood. Medically Northern Light helps fight fear, stress, and pain.

Unique traits
  • Powerful effect
  • Gives you energy and gets you in a good mood

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