OCB Virgin King-Size Slim Rolling Papers


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Brand OCB
Colour Brown
Rolling Paper Type Organic, Unbleached, Ultra Thin
Paper Size KingSize Slim
Width 11cm
Height 3cm
Material Paper

OCB Virgin King-Size Slim Rolling Papers were designed with nature in mind, unbleached, untreated, untouched(all right, their virgin rolling papers not the virgin Mary) Virgin papers.

Each pack contain 32 leaves, 

  • These Papers are manufactured from flax plant fibers
  • 100% Natural Arabic Gum – VEGETARIAN – None Genetically Modified Plants
  • The Packaging is made from Recycled papers, printed from vegetable eco-friendly ink

OCB products are made in France and have been since the beginning of the company. Founded in 1918 OCB rolling papers are one of the longest-lasting rolling paper companies not only in the industry but in the world. 

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Jade (Watermelon), Purple (Grape), Silver (Berries)


1 Pack, 5 Packs

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