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Peach Lassi

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Genetics Hybrid
Lineage Peach Ozz x Jet A
Yield High


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Peach Lassi Female Weed Seeds is a cross between Perfect Tree‘s keeper cut of the infamous Peach Ozz (Oz Kush Peach Ringz) from Dying Breed Seeds that has been hit with the pollen from their Jet A Reversal from Exotic GenetixPeach Lassi is an exotic strain that grows dense and flavorful buds that possess many traits from their Peach Ozz clone that mixes perfectly with heavy fuel terps from the Jet A. 

The Peach Lassi aromas are super fresh and creamy, reminding us of the Lassi drink that’s universally popular in India. Much like the Lassi drink, this strain is perfect for warm summers days due to its uplifting characteristics and refreshing fruity terps. Some phenotypes are more gas forward and have a robust body effect. 

The strain itself grows with tremendous vigor and exceptionally fast, the bud shape takes influence from the Jet A whilst it also has beautiful long pistils from the Peach Ozz. Again, the resin potential is more than substantial, and legal extractors can make great solventless and solvent concentrates from it. Perfect Tree‘s Peach Lassi is one of the best new hybrids for those after fruity, creamy and Gelato terpenes. 

  • Lineage: Peach Ozz x Jet A 
  • Flowering time: 60-67 days
  • Yield: High



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