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Perfect Triangle x Peach Ozz

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Brand: Perfect Tree
Pack Size: 6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Genetics: Hybrid Indica Dominant
Lineage: Perfect Triangle x Peach Ozz
Yield: Medium-High
Terp Profile: Lemon Pine Tree, Gas, OG,
Effects: Deep body effects & potent OG punch
Seed Type: Female

Perfect Triangle x Peach Ozz Female Weed Seeds by Perfect Tree

Perfect Tree took their keeper selection from their seed hunt of the Perfect Triangle by Jungle Boys Seeds. Using their carefully selected Perfect Triangle cut as its a ‘perfect’ example of an OG and pollinated her with the infamous Peach Ozz reversal. The resulting progeny is the most potent OG cross that Perfect Tree seeds have ever produced; this is a product of Jungle Boys Seeds super powerful OG cross of Perfect OG with the powerhouse Triangle Kush Bx1. Perfect Tree chose their Perfect Triangle cut not for the namesake but for its mind-blowingly intense potency and deeply gassy terp profile, which, combined with the fruity notes of the Peach Ozz and hints of Zkittlez, makes for a real winner.

Perfect Triangle x Peach Ozz, is one of the best resin producers they’ve dealt with and has great hash washing potential. Consequently she makes for some profoundly sedating solventless extractions. Perfect Triangle x Peach Ozz is an indica-dominant variety, and this robust hybrid will stretch significantly, so Perfect Tree advises topping her once or twice.


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