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Rainbow Road

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Fairy Tale Ending… Rainbow Road is an epic sativa dominant hybrid strain. It comes with the dial turned up to maximum for taste, effect and one of the biggest yields Paradise Seeds has engineered in its long history.

This is a strain that is finely tuned thanks to its balanced genetics. Its sweet and fruity nature makes it a must-have for those with a nose for terpenes, a passion for racing sativas, and a wish for beautiful big oily buds.

Cannabis Lineage



Hindu Kush provides the stable foundations for robust healthy growth, while Strawberry Sativa supplies the rocket fuel to take this plant to the next level.


Cannabis Aroma Flavour

Aromas and Flavours


Rainbow Road is a wonderful swirl of terpenes in the grow room where the scent of mango and strawberry is very pronounced. Once dried, the buds retain this essence treating the user to a flavourful treat that accentuates the berry tones with a delicious potpourri of red fruits.


Cannabis Cultivation



Difficulty Level: Medium

Indoors: This high-performance plant may need a bit of training in a limited grow space as it displays a ferocious appetite for growth. Fast in veg state it will stretch again when it begins to flower, possibly doubling in size. This growth spurt is accompanied by an intensely sweet and fruity aroma and rapid development of unusually hard, dense buds thick with trichome crystal and oozing with resin. This strain is a huge yielder and the best results will come by letting it ride out its full 10 week maturation period.

Outdoors: In the outdoor environmentRainbow Road will also rise to the occasion, shooting for the sun in warmer zones where the sun will boost its big yield capabilities. In less sun-kissed regions its sativa genes high calyx-leaf-ratio will give it good protection from moisture penetration.


Cannabis Indoor Yield

Yield and Presentation


Rainbow Road cannabis seeds will generate a plant that displays a monstrous capacity for growth, displaying classical tropical sativa traits. As this plant moves to flowering it forms elongated top cola buds, with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio, and pump resin as if their life depends on it. Lateral branches fill so heavy with buds, extra support may be required. The full 10 week flowering period is recommended for best results, and the harvest reward is a payload of rock hard buds with an unusually dense consistency.

Indoor Yield: 600 g per m²
Outdoor Yield: 1000 g per plant


thc cannabis neurologic effect



Recreational: The journey is one of electrifying ascent to energetic and clear-headed heights, to be followed by a pleasant state of relaxation and deep inner balance. The Rainbow Road effect is characterized by a tendency to bring a grin to the user and a reminder to appreciate the simple pleasures of life while not getting sucked down by its stresses.

Medical: The sativa heritage of this plant provides an energetic uplift that has potential benefits for those who are looking for some relief from depression. The clarity and focus combined with the secondary relaxation effect after the initial wave will also bring comfort to those who seek all day alleviation from pain while still functioning as normal.


Cannabis Grow Stats

Grow Stats


Suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L., Rainbow Road will finish in mid-October outdoors (n.L.) and after 9-10 weeks indoors. The estimated yield is 600 g per m² indoors / 1250 g per plant outdoors.



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