Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder – 4 Piece


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Brand Santa Cruz Shredder
Material Hemp
Width 5.5cm
Length 5.5cm
Height 5.3cm
Colour Black, White, Blue, Red

The 4-piece hemp grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder contains zero plastic and is fully biodegradable even down to the sticky label and now you can buy a box of 16!

Santa Cruz Shredder has a reputation for top-quality grinders that deliver the perfect fluffy grind every time. This 4-piece version of their classic hemp grinder certainly does that, as well as giving you the very welcome option of a sifter screen to trap kief and crystals in the bottom section of the grinder.

The grinder measures 5.5cm in diameter, so is large enough for bumper loads of herbs. The smooth grinding action makes the job easy and the ground material is deposited in the 3rd chamber ready for use.

Thanks to their hemp construction, these grinders are incredibly tough and durable – with test models showing no indication of malfunction after one year of solid use. Unlike cheap plastic grinders, this 4-piece hemp shredder will not leach into your herbs or break off with use and when it does finally give up on you, you can put it out with the green bin, knowing you’re not contributing to more plastic waste.

  • Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder
  • Material: Hemp Width: 5.5cm
  • Colour: White, Black, Blue, Red

Black, White, Red, Blue

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