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Flowering Time 6-7 Weeks
Genetics Hybrid
Lineage Mimosa x Jet A (Male)
Yield Big


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Spritz Regular Cannabis Seeds by Perfect Tree Seeds is a combination of two amazing strains that we selected for their unique aroma, resin production and structure. From our multiple cups winner cut of Mimosa you can expect a super sweet orange candy fragrance. Combine it with some of the massive fuel terps from the Jet A father, and it will remind you the sweet bitterness of the famous Italian aperitif. This cross should give you some colorful strong plants with big shiny and stinky colas. You will find slight variations of phenotypes so you can pick your favorite terpene profile. Most of the flowers are super dense and covered in trichomes, Spritz is definitely a 6 stars hash strain and will finish in 7/8 weeks.



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