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Super Mad Sky Floater

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9-10 weeks flowering period
Sativa 50% Indica 50%
Medium/Big plants


About Super Mad Sky Floater cannabis seeds

Super Mad Sky Floater is a fantastically potent hybrid indica/sativa feminized seed variety with some of the best THC levels we have ever seen. This elite hybrid is grown for the quality rather than the yields (which are just above average). THC levels approaching 30% have been seen from this variety which features genetics from Hash Plant, Blueberry, and NYCD.

The sativa genetics make this variety easy to manipulate in your grow room and make her suitable for a SCROG grow. She also does very well in SOG grow systems. Total bloom time is around 9-10 weeks and growers should note that she can double/ triple in height during flowering. Those growing in larger containers may notice the most stretch.

This THC soaked hybrid has a fruity taste/aroma with some delicious rich diesel notes and hints of sour grapes. The effect is very stoned, super relaxed with a wonderfully powerful wave of euphoria. The high THC levels will appeal to serious recreational and medical growers seeking an easy grow experience with an un-compromised, massively powerful effect.


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