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Super Silver Haze

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The Super Silver Haze cannabis seed is a high-quality seed and is one of the best-known Haze species. The plant is strong and durable and is known for its long-term and intense effects. Order your Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds now and experience the effects of this plant yourself.

Origin of the Super Silver Haze seeds

Super Silver Haze seeds are a cross between Skunk, Northern Light, and Haze. The plant consists primarily of 75% Sativa and 25% Indica. This hybrid plant has won numerous awards, including three times the 1st place in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Order our acclaimed Super Silver Haze seeds now and experience this vintage masterpiece of cannabis breeding.

Harvesting features

Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Compared to other cannabis plants the flowering period is not very short. You’ll have to take about 10 to 11 weeks into account. When cultivating the Super Silver Haze seeds outdoors, you can harvest in mid-October. Please note that the Super Silver Haze cannabis plant can grow to great heights. The plant grows best in warm and tropical climates. The buds are covered with crystals and ensure a silvery appearance at the end of the flowering period, hence the name.

Effects and taste perceptions

Once the Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds have grown into a complete plant, you can start enjoying the effects right away. At first, you experience the smell and taste. This can best be described as a powerful aroma of a fresh fruity flavor, with a pinewood extract and a touch of diesel. It will give you lots of energy and will give you a carefree and happy feeling. It stimulates your creativity and has a relaxing effect. The effects start to kick in after 20 minutes. It also arises medicinal effects, for example, relieving stress, depression, and a poor appetite disorder.

Unique features
  • • Award-winning species
  • • Yielding results after the flowering period is huge
  • • Provides long-lasting and strong effects

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