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Sweet Valley Kush

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Sweet Valley Kush is an Afghan Kush that originates from the Hindu Kush region near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sweet Valley Kush is a short plant, very well suited for SoG. Plants can turn very dark during the end of the flowering period and the buds are covered in resin. The flowering time is 8-9 weeks. It will reach the full flavor and effect in the last week. For best results, we recommend letting it go for the full 9 weeks. Outdoors Sweet Valley Kush will finish early October in the northern hemisphere and production can reach up to 1000g per plant. The small size of the plant makes it ideal for guerrilla growers who want to hide the plants between bigger ones. Sweet Valley Kush produces very dense buds covered in resin. It is not the most commercial plant but the quality of the final product is outstanding. The sweet taste reminds of berries and has an earthy kush background on the exhale. It creates a very relaxing effect that lasts long and is very effective in pain therapy, appetite stimulation, and against insomnia.

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