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Think Fast

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Why should I buy Think Fast feminized seeds?

• Think Fast is a unique fast flowering Sativa dominant hybrid. The autoflower genetics of our Auto Think Different and our classic photoperiod Power Plant are hybridized in this great crossing.

• This is an easy-to-grow photoperiod cannabis plant, suitable for beginners and experts alike.

• Think Fast is a stable, robust, and tough indoor and outdoor variety. Her recessive autoflower genetics make her fast and powerful, suitable even for outdoor cultivation in moderate climates.

• Think Fast has an average flowering time of 8 weeks and produces aromatic buds with a thick white resin coating – giving her great bag appeal!

Think Fast has a complex and extensive terpene profile with fresh sweet notes of citrus, diesel, herbs, pine, and earth. Ideal for the pheno-hunter!

Think Fast has a complex terpene profile that can produce a wide variety of scents and flavors. Ideal for the pheno-hunter who is looking for something special for his collection. As a result of crossing her 2 well-known parents, Auto Think Different and Power Plant, our Think Fast guarantees a tasty end result.

Most plants have a citrus-dominant terpene profile with notes of diesel, herbs, and pine. Sometimes plants can also be found that combines a sweet and fruity profile with more floral notes. As far as we are concerned, they are all special and we are convinced that you will easily find something that will appeal to you enormously!

The aroma of this fast flowering Sativa is quite strong but not extremely pungent. Its full and complex taste stimulates the senses. She is also known for a thick, sticky white resin layer that will completely cover the buds towards the end of the flowering phase.

Think Fast is a fast flowering Sativa with a large yield

Think Fast® is a unique crossing of fast flowering genetics from our Auto Think Different and Sativa dominant classic Power Plant. By combining an autoflower with a photoperiod you get a fast photoperiod plant with a shorter flowering time.

Our Think Fast combines the fast flowering time and a powerful high of our Auto Think Different with the tasty terpene profile and the very generous yields of our Power Plant.

What kind of genetics are exactly in Think Fast?

Dutch Passion proudly presents the non-autoflowering version of the legendary Think Different! Think Fast is the result of a cross between Think Different and a specially selected clone of our classic cannabis cup winning Power Plant. The first generation of offspring normally used for further selection showed unexpected results. When an autoflowering plant is crossed with a non-autoflowering (photoperiod) variety, none of the offspring will be autoflowering.

The Dutch Passion geneticists discovered that these non-autoflowering plants, which do carry the recessive ‘autoflowering’ gene, are significantly faster than their photoperiod parent.

Think Fast is an easy grow Sativa dominant hybrid with a short flowering time and a large yield

Think Fast has vigorous growth and fast flowering due to the recessive autoflower genes which are present. This ensures that this variety is ready faster than most traditional Sativa dominant photoperiod cannabis strains. Think Fast does need a change in light hours (to 12/12 light cycle indoors and shorter days outdoors) to initiate the flowering process. But she grows larger and faster than traditional photoperiod varieties.

Think Fast can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It was originally developed for indoor cultivation, but thanks to her fast auto genes she also does very well in an outdoor climate. This is the ideal solution for Sativa enthusiasts who live in a moderate climate but do not want to grow autoflowers.

With the right pre-growth indoors, this can become a true monster outdoors. Plants of 2-2.5 m can be produced without too much effort. Outdoor yields can range from a few hundred grams to a few kilograms. This obviously has to do with the growing conditions and the number of hours of sunlight per day, but also with the level of knowledge and care provided by the grower.

Very high yields are possible in the hands of an expert. However, she also does well in the hands of a beginner.

This strain responds well to topping, fimming, cropping, and supercropping and is also good for growing as a multi-topped bush. The flowers of Think Fast have a very thick resin layer and therefore they are also suitable for making hash or other cannabis concentrates.

During the flowering phase, she has a medium stretch and her internode distance is short to medium. This Sativa dominant hybrid is suitable for both SOG and SCROG growers. But of course, you can also grow her naturally without using any growing techniques.

The genetics used for Think Fast guarantees the following properties:

  • A very fast flowering Sativa dominant hybrid
  • A plant with a vigorous and short flowering period, this variety is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing
  • Think Fast is able to produce a high yield. This unique strain combines the power and robustness of an autoflower with the yield and potency of a photoperiod strain

Think Fast is easy to grow even for a beginner, very high yields are possible in the hands of an expert.

Effects of Think Fast

Think Fast produces a powerful up-high that can last for several hours. This is certainly not a weak weed! The effect is strong and long-lasting. It is a combination of both a head-high and a body-stone, although the mental effect is slightly more pronounced.

The high gives energy and is often very uplifting, ideal for when you want to get things done. The initial high is slightly euphoric and can promote creativity.

If you smoke a little more Think Fast, you can prepare for an intoxicating high that will make you relax wonderfully but still not lull you to sleep. This strain has a clear hybrid effect that will cause both mental and physical intoxication. This also makes this variety very interesting for both recreational and medical users.

Due to the powerful long-lasting high, you will ultimately need less weed and you will be a lot more economical with your cannabis buds.

The flowering phase of Think Fast

Think Fast has an average flowering time of approximately 8 weeks. It is a fast flowering Sativa-dominant hybrid that is very vigorous and robust, this lady can take a beating! There are even phenotypes that only need 7 weeks to fully flower. These phenos have inherited slightly more Indica genes from the Auto Think Different.

The buds of these plants are generally a bit more compact and stickier than those of the longer flowering phenotypes.

Think Fast will be ready in October outdoors in more temperate climates. Although there are cases known where it could even be harvested towards the end of September. Even before some of the traditional outdoor photoperiod plants were ready. This fast flowering time makes this strain perfect for outdoor cultivation.

Due to the partial autoflower genetics in this strain, she can handle fluctuations in temperature well and will not be bothered by this even in the open air. The plants are on average 2-3 m high and can also grow considerably in width.

The yield of Think Fast

Think Fast® is a fast and strong variety with a high XL yield. Indoor yields average around 500g / m2. Even higher yields are possible in the right hands. She is easy to grow and can be grown in all sorts of ways. This lady is easy to tame.
Outside (or in a greenhouse/polytunnel) Think Fast can grow to a plant of between 2-3.5 m.

Some phenotypes like to grow in height. With these Sativa dominant ladies, it is recommended to top the plant, several times if required. The slightly more compact phenotypes also like to grow in width. All plants can use some support towards the end of flowering to keep the heavy blooms from sagging under their own weight or breaking during a strong wind.

In general, this strain grows out very well and you will be amazed by the high yield in combination with the quality of this cannabis strain!


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