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White Widow Auto

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Flowering period


Genetic background
White Widow X Ruderalis Mix

Height inside growing
50 – 90 cm

Height outside growing
60 – 100 cm

Sativa – Indica
Ruderalis mix

8 – 9 weeks after germination

Harvest inside

Harvest outside



It won’t take long before the White Widow version will be available in all Dutch coffeeshops. The White Widow auto cannabis seeds deliver much quicker results in comparison to the original White Widow seeds. After just 75 days, you can start harvesting. Besides its smaller format, the only difference of this notorious White Widow auto-flowering cannabis seed is the self-flourishing characteristic.


AUTO White Widow originated from a cross between a South Indian Indica, a Brazilian Sativa, and Ruderalis. It’s unlike any other kind of seeds out there and has the potential to once again become a real Dutch classic. Should you order these Kera White Widow you get certainly won’t regret it, because they are easy to grow and have produce yielding results!

Harvesting features

The original White Widow is well-known for its simplicity to grow, and with this White Widow auto-flowering cannabis seeds it’s certainly a walkover. The blossoming period is shortened to about 7 to 8 weeks and gives you the chance to grow several rounds. Auto-flowering White Widow is indeed insensitive to light and can withstand the milder Northern European climate. Of course natural sun and warmth always give a better yield, but that’s difficult to guarantee in The Netherlands. When grown outdoors they grow up to about 90 centimeters and can generate a good yield. It’s a very easy and perfect plant to harvest. Order your auto White Widow cannabis seeds now and go straight to work!

Effects and taste perceptions

It’s evident, the White Widow is very popular among cannabis consumers. The White Widow Auto has the fresh citrus flavor of the White Widow and a sweet fruity flavor. It provides a special taste experience that delivers a delicious high in your head. Moreover, your body experiences an intense stoned effect, this has everything to do with the explosive effect what this White Widow AUTO causes. That’s what it’s well known for, as well as its high yield and easy cultivation process.


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