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White Widow XXL

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WHITE WIDOW XXL™ Cannabis Seeds Strain Specifications

Brazilian x South Indian
Creative, Uplifting, Energetic, Talkative, Euphoric
up to 2kg per plant
650 gr/m²
60 – 65
1st-2nd week
Mostly Indica
Fruity, Spicy Pine
 Sweet Pungent Fruity Spicy Pine

WHITE WIDOW XXL™ from Barneys Farm is a true Amsterdam classic, for decades the unmistakable pungent skunky and savory sweet aromas have been symbolic, with the smell of Amsterdam’s streets and iconic canals.

The evolution continues of this legendary strain, our WHITE WIDOW XXL™ retains the Brazilian Sativa high, plus an enhanced 75% super resinous South Indian Indica.

Ideal for all conditions and growing techniques WHITE WIDOW XXL™ is an extremely versatile plant, a mold-resistant strain, resistant to bugs, and copes well even in colder climates so pretty straight forward for all levels of experience.

WHITE WIDOW XXL™ evolves in to a classic Indica-shape, a compact vigorous fast grower, strong branches evolve becoming bushy and wide in preparation for flowering. Indoors heights of 100-120cm can be achieved, outdoors 2 metres with relative ease. Flowering time indoors is within 9 weeks, outdoors harvests in early October.

With the onset of flowering large, heavy, and super-sticky solid buds burst from its branches, its flowering columns can appear more Sativa like, one of the many unique traits of this strain.

The extraordinary resin production creates a thick blanket of glistening trichomes covering its colas, almost white in appearance frosting the long bright orange pistil and small dark green sugar leaves.

This Amsterdam classic comes with an exotic terpene profile packed full of pungent skunky sweet citrus aromas and an earthy, pine wood and spice flavor.





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