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Flowering Time 7-8 Weeks
Genetics Hybrid
Lineage OZ Kush x Jet A (Male)
Yield BIg


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ZaiZai Regular Cannabis Seeds by Perfect Tree Seeds is a mix of two incredible strains : The OZ Kush and the Jet A! The OZK bring a lot of Z terps with some strong gas, the Jet A got that gelato aroma kicked by the OG. By crossing them the result is pure fire! The kind of terpene profile that we all love, the kind of high that opens doors in your mind. The name Zaizai is a tribute to a very good friend, a real epicurean truly connected with nature and we felt this was the perfect strain for him. You will find some strong Z dominant phenos that produce pretty denses buds, we recommend to build nice and even canopy before flipping them to get the best results. ZaiZaï is one of our favorites hybrid of the moment !!



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