Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all Bud Buddies products.

1.2 By ordering a product you acknowledge and concede with these terms and conditions. Bud Buddies reserves the right to change it’s terms and conditions after expiry.

1.3 Unless specifically stated otherwise in writing, third-party terms and conditions are not accepted by Bud Buddies.

1.4 Bud Buddies guarantees delivered goods are in accordance with the agreement and meet listed specifications.

1.5 All seeds sold by Bud Buddies are for novelty purposes only, we do not condone the use of cannabis seeds which are not in line with South Africa’s regulations.

1.6 Bud Buddies does not sell cannabis seeds to persons under 18 year old, by agreeing to our terms and conditions you are stating that you are older than 18 years old when purchasing seeds.

2. Delivery

2.1 Delivery will take place as long as products are in stock.

2.2 In accordance to digital commerce regulations, Bud Buddies will ship ordered goods within a period of at least 14 days. In case this is not possible (by the product being out of stock) or delays for other reasons, or an order cannot or only partially be shipped, the customer will receive notice within one month from ordering and can than cancel the order without charge or notice.

2.3 Bud Buddies will have met it’s delivery obligations as soon as shipped goods have been offered to the client once. In case of delivery in person the carrier report will act as proof, with the exception of active product refusal, of goods having been offered for delivery.

2.4 All delivery terms mentioned are indicative. No rights can be derived from terms mentioned.

3. Prices

3.1 Prices will not be rased within the duration of an offering, unless made necessary by legislation or interim supplier price increases

3.2 All prices mentioned on the website are with reservation to typo’s and other kinds of spelling mistakes. We do not accept liablity for the consequences of any spelling mistakes or typo’s.

3.3 All prices mentioned on this website are in Rand and may be updated to include VAT once South African Regulations are completed about the sale and distribution of cannabis.

4. trail period / revocation right

4.1 The right to dissolve a purchase only applies to delivered goods and will not in any case apply to any services delivered by Seeds Genetics.

4.3 Revocation right does not apply to:

  • Any services of which execution, with customer consent, has started before the seven business days period
  • Any goods or services of which prices correspond to fluctuations of the financial markets, being outside the supplier’s control
  • Goods that have been produced according to specific customer specifications, like customized products, or goods being distinctively personalised in nature
  • Goods or services that are not suited for return shipment due to specific characteristics, for instance goods that decay easily
  • Deliverd goods of which the customer has broken the seal

5. Data management

5.1 In case you make an order at Bud Buddies, your personal data will be collected by Bud Buddies. Bud Buddies will adhere to rules and regulations as prescribed in South African legislation.

5.2 Bud Buddies respects the privacy of users of it’s website and tries to handle your personal data with good care and discretion

5.3 Bud Buddies may make use of a mailing list in certain circumstances.

6. Guarantee

6.1 Bud Buddies guarantees that shipped goods adhere to requirements concerning usability, trustworthiness and durability as can reasonably be assumed by both parties while agreeing to the purchase agreement, and therefore vouches for any factory warranties relating to delivered goods.

6.2 The guarantee period Bud Buddies provides is in accordance to the supplier’s (factory) guarantee period. Bud Buddies can never be held liable or responsible for the ultimate suitability of delivered goods for individual appliances of these goods by the customer, nor for any advice given relating to appliances of delivered goods

6.3 The customer is obligated to check delivered goods immediately after receipt. In case a wrong, defective or incomplete product has been delivered, the customer is obligated to inform Bud Buddies of these deficiencies in writing immediately, before returning the product. Deficiencies or wrongly delivered goods can and should be reported to Bud Buddies within a period of 2 weeks from delivery in writing. Delivered goods should be returned using the original packaging (including any related accessories or documentation) and in new condition. Using the product after noticing a defect, damaging a product after noticing a defect, encumbrance, and/or resale of a product after noticing a defect, will expire any revocation rights concerning the delivered goods. Hence, Bud Buddies cannot guarantee the germination rates of any seeds sold, due to not having control over the breeding process of said seeds. However, in the case of a customer noticing problems with the seeds before usage, must notify us within the 2 week period after delivery.

6.4 In case customer complaints are deemed justified, Bud Buddies is allowed to make a choice between replacing delivered goods within charging extra costs or agree to a written compensation settlement with the customer, it being understood that liability by Bud Buddies and the compensation amount is at all times limited to the amount invoiced. Bud Buddies cannot be held liable for any other kinds of defects of damages, excluding any form of additional compensation, compensation for indirect or consequential damages or damages due to lost earnings

6.5 Bud Buddies cannot be held liable for damages caused on purpose or by intentional recklessness by non-managerial staff

7. Special offerings

7.1 Special offerings are free of obligation, unless stated otherwise.

7.2 When a customer accepts a special offering free of obligations, Bud Buddies reserves the right to change or cancel the special offering within a period of 3 business days after receiving customer offering acceptance.

7.3 Verbal commitments will only be binding after being explicitly affirmed in writing.

7.4 Bud Buddies’s special offerings do not apply to back-orders by default.

7.5 Bud Buddies cannot be held to a special offering in case the buyer could have understood that the special offering, or part of the special offering, was an apparent mistake or apparently contained a spelling mishap.

7.6 Additions, changes and/or further agreements only apply when being confirmed in writing.

8. Agreement

8.1 An agreement between Bud Buddies and a customer will arise when a customer order has been assessed on feasibility by Bud Buddies.

8.2 Bud Buddies reserves the right to refuse orders without elucidating on reasons or to accept orders under the condition that the shipping method used will be Cash On Delivery (COD) or under the condition of prepayment by the customer

9. Images and specifications

9.1 All images, pictures, drawings etc,; data regarding weights, dimensions, colors, images of labels, etc. that can be found on the Bud Buddies website are only approximations, indicative and can for no reason be a cause for compensations or dissolution of the agreement or contract.

10. Force majeure

10.1 Bud Buddies cannot be held liable when and for as far as it’s obligations cannot be fulfilled or honored due to force majeure

10.2 Force majeure is considered to be any unusual cause or circumstance, which cannot reasonably be assumed to be for Bud Buddies’s risk. Delays or failures by our suppliers, power outages, failures of the Internet, failures of e-mail traffic and failures or changes in technology, transportation problems, theft during delivery, strikes, governmental measures, supply delays, supplier or manufacturer neglect of Bud Buddies, as well as staff, staff illnesses, defects in help- or transportation equipment explicitly count as force majeure.

10.3 Bud Buddies reserves the right to suspend or postpone it’s obligations if force majeure occurs and is entitled to wholly or partially dissolve the agreement, or demand changing the agreement in such a way that executing the agreement remains possible. In no circumstance will Bud Buddies be bound to any fines or compensations when force majeure occurs.

10.4 When Bud Buddies has already partially met it’s obligations when force majeure occurs, or can only partially meet it’s obligations due to force majeure, Seeds Genetics will be entitled to invoice the already delivered of deliverable goods separately and the customer will be bound to pay this invoice as if it was related to a separate contract. This does not apply when already delivered goods or the to be delivered goods cannot be seen as having any independent inherent value.

11. Liability

11.1 Bud Buddies cannot be held liable for damages to vehicles or other objects which arose from misuse of delivered products. Read the instructions that can be found on the product packaging or on our website before use.

12. Retention of title

12.1 Ownership rights of all sold and delivered goods remain at Bud Buddies for as long as the customer has not met his or her obligations resulting from the current agreement or prior or later similar agreements, for as long as the customer has not paid for activities carried out or activities to be carried out and for as long the customer has not settled outstanding claims relating to similar agreements.

12.2 Goods delivered by Bud Buddies which relate to it’s retention of title can only be resold as part of normal business routines and can never be used as a means of payment

12.3 The customer is not authorized to pledge goods under retention of title nor encumbering them in any other way

12.4 The customer gives Bud Buddies (or a third party appointed by it) his or her explicit and unconditional consent to enter all places where it’s property might reside and take this property in case Bud Buddies seeks to execute it’s ownership rights

12.5 In case a third party seeks to foreclose goods delivered by Bud Buddies under retention of title or claim of pertain rights to those goods, the customer is obligated to notify Bud Buddies of this as soon as may reasonably be expected

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