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Cream Kees

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Plus 3 Free Pineapple Poison Fem Seeds


8-9 weeks flowering period
Sativa 50% Indica 50%
Medium/Big plants

Tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Master Breeder

This plant is slow in veg, but when she starts to bloom she stretches fast. So don’t wait too long before flipping the lights or you may end up with tall, stretchy plants. Delicious creamy taste combines with a powerfully pleasing high.

About Creamy Kees cannabis seeds

This is our first real ‘new school’ cross. In our search for funky new terpene combinations, the SSSC team occasionally blend their joints with different types of weed and hash. One of Kees’ personal favorites is a joint of organically grown Karel’s Haze with a thick and juicy golden hash-sausage from Cookies & Cream in the middle. This provides a delicious and unique flavor/terpene profile, and a stunningly powerful hit. This is the specific taste which we looked for when breeding Creamy Kees®

By crossing Karel’s Haze with Cookies & Cream we hit the nail right on the head. When smoked, the inhale has a creamy, doughy, vanilla-like Cookies & Cream sensation. When the smoke is exhaled, the gassy lime taste of Karel’s Haze can be experienced.

This great taste is what makes Creamy Kees® such a great regular seed variety. She has a layered taste, with 2 extremes of the taste spectrum.

Creamy Kees® is a strong plant, forgiving and robust enough to withstand temperature swings. She needs 8-9 weeks to finish her typically round, golf-ball-size buds which are very dense and full of huge trichomes.

This strain is great for making extracts. Expect full hash bags when making water hash from this strain, especially the 90/120 micron bags. This strain is highly recommended for making all types of extracts. Be aware of the side effects, this great-tasting variety will leave you craving another joint


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